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Main » 2010 » January » 24 » The New Face of 2010
2:52 AM
The New Face of 2010
The New Face of LeadsGen is Here!

The new Leaders Generation Website will be launched by March 2010 during the 4th Anniversary Celebration.

Aside from the better look and a more centralized and user-friendly spot compared to the separate Live Spaces (LeadsGen Forums Beta) and Multiply (Bulletin) accounts, the Website now sports the following new features:
  • Forums, Polls and In-Site Calendar
Last year, the LeadsGen's online identity was chopped up into several different sites spread across the Web, making it quite complicated to go from one spot to another. From hereon in, those days are over.
The Website is now enabled to have a discussion board for all site visitors and users. Equipped with the familiar forum interface, the LeadsGen Forums is integrated into the main website for easy access.
Also, we have allowed polls to be put up along with a monthly calendar (all dates with LeadsGen-related events emboldened) which is available to all site visitors.
  • Site Search
Goodbye to the usual clutter! uCoz allows for in-site searches, spanning the entire Website for searches from blogs to news articles to photo albums and other links! Thus, you could spot anything you wish to see within the Leaders Generation Website in a few types and clicks. Add to that the fact that the Website still has the tag system easily made available at our Home Page.
  • The User System
Regular visitors are now encouraged to sign-in and form their own in-site accounts for easier identification and access to other features of the Website.
  • News and Updates
You could spot the latest news and updates of the Leaders Generation the very moment you enter the Home Page! All news and updates are now separated from the blog posts for your convenience and is placed in our News Archive.
All official announcements, documents and other files will be posted in this section of the Website.
  • Better Security
The Leaders Generation, upholding all Biblical virtues for purity, integrity and respect, also sports a feature similar to other Social Networking Sites. Nudity, violence, spamming or profanity in any shape or form, if not immediately spotted by the Website Administrator, could be reported for deletion of such posts through our Comments Management, suspension of violating users, and blocking of all undesirable visitors and sites by blocking unfriendly URLs and IP Addresses.
  • Private and Public Messaging System
The Website also holds its on message and subscription system for all in-site users and is also capable of sending messages to all current e-mail addresses. For subscription for updates, you could submit your request to the Administrator.
Starting March 2010, all bonafide LeadsGen members could have their own private e-mail addresses ( upon request.

Aside from this, the Leaders Generation would also like to inform you that aside from our Friendster Group, Multiply, and Facebook Group accounts, we would be extending further to Twitter by April 2010.
We hope you would like the new LeadsGen experience!
God bless!

From the Website Administrator
For comments, suggestions and inquiries, you may send us an e-mail at
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